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Introducing Sports Card Album Pro

As collectors, we have dreams of where this hobby can go. As developers, we have parallel aspirations for Sports Card Album. We have our own visions for the future of SCA and those visions are augmented by the deafening voices of our passionate user-base. Every single day you tell us what you want. Not a day goes by without one of you asking for a new feature or suggesting a way for us to improve SCA. Today, we offer you a chance to help us push the hobby forward by investing in a "PRO" account.

Social media enables us to listen via so many different channels... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, YouTube, the list goes on. And although we can't always respond to every communication, we are always listening.

Advanced Features for Sports Card Collectors

Sports Card Album will continue to operate with all of its existing features (and several more) for free. These PRO features are for hard-core collectors who wish to enhance their hobby experience and are willing to pay a couple of bucks a month to do so.

So without further ado, let's get into some of the features we have planned for PRO members:

No Advertisements

This one is straight forward. We have made a conscious effort to maintain a nice-looking website, free of all the distracting and obtrusive advertisements commonly found on other sites. In fact, we only have a couple minimally-intrusive advertisements on the entire site. But PRO members won't even have to see those.

Trading & Selling

The most popular requests are often the most challenging to implement. For example: Trading & Selling. It's not too hard for us to implement a trading system that allows you to print out invoices and mail each other cards. It's also not hard for us to enable you to sell cards.

But those features don't move the hobby forward.

The biggest problem with trading or selling is not the activity's holding both parties accountable. So the bigger question for us is, "what can we do with our software to discourage scammers and make trading/selling activities more enjoyable and stress free for collectors?"

SCAR Checklist

Our answer is called the "Sports Card Album Rating System," or "SCAR." All of our members will be able to purchase cards via SCA. Pro Accounts will also be able to sell cards and will each receive a personalized, hand-scrutinized, "SCAR." In order to obtain one of these ratings, members will need to submit an online application that includes their reputation from various sources (forums, eBay, social media, etc.) The more feedback a user submits, the stronger their "SCAR" can be. We will personally verify all data. This level of accountability will decrease the likelihood of anyone scamming a seller on SCA. Additionally, the fact that only paying members are able to sell means that people can't just register a fake profile to scam somebody under a fake name.

Sports Card Album SCAR Ratings

It's impossible to prevent 100% of the risk involved in making a transaction online, but we believe our new system will significantly reduce the chances of any buyer/seller being scammed out of their precious cards or hard-earned money.

Sports Card Album to PayPal

One really cool thing about selling cards through SCA will be that we won't take ANY cut from the price of your sale. You pay your monthly subscription fee and that's it. We won't even get involved with the financial exchange. If a user wishes to sell a card, they will simply check a box to mark it "for sale" and they will add a price for that card (including shipping.) If a buyer likes the card, they can purchase it on the spot. By clicking the "BUY" button, the buyer will be instantly directed to PayPal where they can login to complete the transaction.

In the next version of Pro Accounts, once the card has been purchased, the image of the card will then be imported into the buyer's "Purchased" album and a copy of the image will be sent to the seller's "Sold" album. The buyer doesn't even need to worry about scanning the card once they've received it.

Sports Card Album to PayPal

Ready to take your card collecting to the next level?

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Frequently Asked Pro Account Questions

Questions on our new pro account features.

Immediately. We'll be launching additional features in the future, but all features listed above are immediately available to Pro Accounts!
It still is free. Everything that currently exists within Sports Card Album will remain free. In fact, we are still developing new features for the main (free) site, including: bulk-moving cards, enabling cards to be in multiple albums, etc. We also have a few special tricks up our sleeves that we aren't ready to discuss quite yet. The "PRO" features are for the serious collectors who keep asking for specific features that casual collectors may not need. Subscribing to SCA PRO is also a way for hobby enthusiasts to show their support of Sports Card Album. To us, that subscription is as good you coming up to us in person and saying "We appreciate what you're doing for the hobby and want to show our support by paying $4.99 a month for your awesome website."
Great question. You can post pics on forums and sell cards, absolutely. But you can't manage a marketplace and leave cards available for purchase 24/7 on the forums. eBay and other sites like that charge listing fees and final value fees for everything. The more expensive the card, the higher the fees. Selling on forums is what we do, too, but you can't have a marketplace in a forum and there's always a risk of getting scammed. We are trying to improve the process with the SCA Rating system and create the first marketplace where we don't take a cut of the final sale fees or listing fees. We are basically saying that for $4.99 people will have a safe place to sell as many cards as they want.

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