Get Verified

Sports Card Album is proud to announce its new "Verified" program aimed at offering expanded features for companies within the sports-card industry. This program is intended for manufacturers, retailers, group breakers, and other reputable companies within the hobby. The special features are not all ready yet, but if you are interested in getting your company signed up and "Verified" today, keep reading and we'll show you how to apply.

Existing Verified Accounts

We are proud to have the following companies onboard as official Verified accounts.These early adopters will be among the first to test out new features as they become available.If you believe your existing SCA account merits "Verified" status, please email or continue reading for application instructions.

Verified Companies

Applying for Verified Status

Email with the following information:

  1. Name of your company
  2. Company category (Manufacturer, Group Breaker, Card Shop, etc)
  3. Why you want a "Verified" account
  4. Your existing SCA username

If your application is accepted, a Sports Card Album member will reach out to you in order to obtain a wallpaper for your custom-branded Sports Card Album page. Dimension requirements are visible in the graphic below.

Verified BG Dimensions

Once we receive your wallpaper, your account will be branded and "verified" within 2-3 business days. But why should your company care about being "verified"? At the moment the only benefit is the custom "skin" on a company's album, but very soon we will offer a multitude of additional features made exclusively for the different companies within the industry.Here is a tentative list of the features we are developing for each group:

Verified ProFeatures

That's all, folks. Remember that we do not have any "size" requirements for a company to be "Verified." We just want to make sure companies are reputable and trustworthy since they will gain access to powerful features.