Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on how we do what we do.

Nothing. Sports Card Album is free for card collectors; we spend enough on this silly hobby as it is :-) We offer unlimited image storage, unlimited messaging, and unlimited awesomeness, all free of charge. There is a free iPhone app for all you card collectors and a free Android app for collecting as well.
We've created a mobile-site that is accessible to anyone with a smart phone. The mobile version allows great functionality to everyone, regardless of device. However, we have discontinued development of the mobile site since we now have fully-functional iPhone and Android apps. We are working on additional apps for tablets and other devices.
NOTE: Apple devices require iOS 6.0 or higher to upload images via the mobile site. If you are having problems with an Apple device, please go into your general settings and update your operating system. The iPhone app will run on iOS 7.0 and 8.0.
If you have any questions or run into any bugs, you may tweet us @SportsCardAlbum or email us at the following address:
If you are having problems with anything on the Sports Card Album website, try it on Google Chrome and see if that fixes your problems. Safari and Internet Explorer have a ton of DNS and cache issues that have nothing to do with us. Firefox is better, but Google Chrome is the best. The others pretty much suck.
Yes. If you already have a folder on your computer full of scans, you can add them anytime off your PC. With your smartphone, you can also add cards to your collection while you are sitting at a table busting packs at your local card shop. Or anywhere else.
Yup. You can edit your cards, delete them, link them to eBay, share them with friends, or just browse your "feed" right from your smartphone.
Absolutely. As soon as you've added a card via your phone or PC, you will have links to share your newest pickup via twitter/facebook/google+/email.
Heck yeah. That means you won't have to upload all your cards to a "bucket" just to add a pic to a forum. As soon as you've added a card to your album, you will have an IMG code available to copy/paste into your favorite forums like Beckett and Blowout. This code is obviously available on both your mobile phone and computer. Not just that, but we've added "album links" so you can copy your album's URL straight from your phone!
Sure...just not Justin Bieber cards. If you add a Justin Bieber autograph to your album, we will lay the ban-hammer down on you...
Bieber is Banned
...Just kidding. We won't judge :-)
Yes. We have both a "row" and a "grid" view. My original concept (drawn on a napkin at Taco USA) was for rows because I want to see ALL of the info at once. I got sick of my bucket because I had to click on each thumbnail just to see the full picture, the card description, or even whether the card had an auto. If you think of any additional layouts you'd like to see, let us know at
Of course. Sports Card Album is intended to be a supplement to your every-day forum activity. However, the fact that you can see cards pop-up in your feed in real-time makes it a natural platform for trading/buying/selling. If you do trade, please do your due diligence before agreeing to mail (or purchase) cards from another collector. Use the links in their profile to check their trader ratings on different forums or ebay. If the person you wish to trade with does not have any links under their profile page, ask them to add some or ask them for some links that prove they are a reliable trader. If you are purchasing a card from somebody, please make sure you pay via PayPal and mark the payment as "Goods." Never, ever, EVER send money as a "Gift" when purchasing a card. If a collector asks you to do so, we suggest you immediately cancel your trade with them and avoid them in the future. Sports Card Album is not liable for any fraudulent activity that may take place, so please trade/buy/sell at your own risk. Report any shenanigans to: